Common Sense Machines (CSM)


Common Sense Machines (CSM)

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Common Sense Machines is building artificial intelligence that learns to translate the world into a 3D simulation.


Cambridge, MA


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Common Sense Machines is training artificial intelligence that learns to translate the visual world into a 3D simulation for people and machines. 3D simulations have great value; we build 3D models to create photorealistic images of products and spaces at a fraction of the cost of photography, develop diverse assets for game and augmented realities, use CAD to prototype and print new parts, or create synthetic worlds to test and train autonomous systems. But 3D models are still too slow, hard, and expensive to create.

Common Sense Machines is building a Real-to-Sim platform for creating build human-like 3D models with machine-like speed and scale. Common Sense Machines was founded by a group of PhDs and faculty from MIT. We have worked on large AI systems at DeepMind and have collectively founded three companies with successful exits. The company is based in Cambridge, MA. We are venture-backed and looking to expand our team of scientists and engineers.

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