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Wayve is an autonomous driving company that is building embodied AI and eventually power the intelligence behind other forms of robotic embodiment.


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Wayve is an autonomous driving Unicorn based out of the United Kingdom.

They have used multiple forms of Radiance Fields to power their environments and simulations. The first forray into Radiance Fields came in late 2023, with the announcement of Ghost Gym. Ghost Gym is a neural simulator that uses NeRFs to efficiently test and validate end-to-end AI driving models in a safe, controlled virtual environment.

Most recently, the Wayve team has unveiled their newest addition, PRISM-1, which expands the simulation capabilities of Ghost Gym. PRISM-1 uses a custom implementation of 4D Gaussian Splatting.

PRISM-1 represents a significant advance in 4D scene reconstruction. It enables the resimulation of complex and dynamic scenes with minimal engineering effort, emphasizing generalization and scalability. This approach avoids the need for explicit labels, scene graphs, and bounding boxes, ensuring efficiency even as scene complexity increases. This scalability makes PRISM-1 ideal for simulating complex urban environments. Unlike traditional methods that treat vehicles as rigid entities, PRISM-1 captures their dynamic nature, including behaviors like turning indicators and sudden braking.

In conjunction with the launch of PRISM-1, Wayve has also released the WayveScenes101 Dataset, comprising 101 diverse driving scenarios from the UK and US. This dataset includes urban, suburban, and highway scenes under various weather and lighting conditions. Wayve aims for this dataset to support the AI research community in developing more robust and accurate scene representation models for driving. 

They have recently closed a Series C fundraising round of $1.05 Billion, led by Softbank Group to accelerate its mission to reimagine autonomous mobility through embodied intelligence.

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