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XSpada is a Southern California based radiance field platform, cofounded by Pat Kidwell, Brenden Shue, and Colin Kidwell. XSpada is dedicated to making the exchange of spatial data easy and accessible to allow users to create, own, and share radiance fields with ease.





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XSpada provides a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for professionals & teams to leverage ‘Limitless Media’ by being built with 3 core focuses in mind: Create it. Own it. Share it.

Create It

NeRFs are the missing piece that kick off a disruptive phenomenon we are about to witness within the spatial data industry, granting access to everything from an infinite amount of photos/videos -> 3D models & measurements -> mass image detection & data analysis, all from just a short video. XSpada enables any professional capture device between mobile phone owners to heavy duty film/drone crews to rapidly begin collecting moments that can be turned into Limitless Media.

Own It

With such fast-moving development in generative AI & content raising the expectations  of consumers, it’s hard for professionals to know which tools to start using to create high-quality deliverables without worrying that their original IP is ending up in unwanted hands & datasets. XSpada gives creators the control of their data as their first pit-stop before taking off into AI-enabled content creation. The company is committed to integrating with the most in-demand tools & platforms, while ensuring users always have the first edition of the media they create. This allows for the ability to work with high-quality clientele while feeling confident about where data deliverables are coming from without being unaware of who it’s going to.

Share It

Accessing these types of tools is a challenge, but sharing the data that is created from them can feel like a pipedream. XSpada removes the need for any special hardware or technical infrastructure, allowing for teams & clients to freely exchange this data as it was meant to be. Whether you are looking to send interactive previews, embed content across websites, or collaborate remotely with your decision makers, all paths lead back to the same place, right inside your everyday web browser.