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Gracia is the world's first platform with free-viewpoint photorealistic VR experiences with Gaussian Splatting




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Gracia emerged in 2023 as a platform for viewing and publishing high-quality volumetric scenes in VR and AR. These scenes provide users with complete freedom to move within it and view it from any angle. Imagine being right in an octagon with fighters, or experiencing a dunk shot replay from multiple angles.

The tech is based on Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) and Gaussian Splatting. Gracia’s mission is revolutionize the media industry by shifting from conventional 2D films watched on TV to immersive 3D content experienced through VR headsets.

How to use Gracia

Gracia is currently available as a PCVR application for Windows, downloadable on Steam, and on Web. Standalone app for Quest 3 is coming soon.

What headsets are currently supported?

We don’t have any particular headset requirements, the only thing you would want to check is if your hardware vendor provides OpenXR compatible runtime.

What are the system requirements to run smoothly on PCVR?

We designed and tested Gracia to work great on RTX 3060 equivalent, but any DirectX12 and ShaderModel 6.2 should also work, but you may experience performance degradation on older hardware.

Can I experience it without VR headset?

Not right now, but desktop and mobile viewers are coming soon.