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Instant NGP or Instant NeRF from NVIDIA created the ability to rapidly train NeRFs.


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Instant NGP is a platform created by NVIDIA and is based upon their paper “Instant Neural Graphics Primitives with a Multiresolution Hash Encoding”

It can be installed from their Github page here.

Instant NGP went on to win SIGGRAPH 2022 paper of the year and was additionally one of Time Magazine's top inventions of 2022.


What is Instant NGP?

Instant NGP is a NeRF platform created by NVIDIA Labs from the paper Instant Neural Graphics Primitives with a Multiresolution Hash Encoding.

Is there a Instant NGP app?

There is no Instant-NGP app. It can be found and downloaded straight from the NVLabs Github.

Is Instant NeRF Free?

Instant-NGP is 100% free!

How many photos do I need for NeRF?

There’s no set minimum or maximum for the number of photos. Their Github page recommends 50-150, but it’s more important to have good parallax and coverage of the subject. I have seen very strong NeRFs with >50 images. Make sure that you don’t use too many images for your computer to handle with our VRAM Calculator!

How long does it take to train a NeRF?

The time will range based upon the NeRF that you are trying to create, but on average, a usable result should be shown within 5 minutes of launching the program.

How do I save a NeRF in Instant NGP?

Underneath the Snapshot tab, click on Save. I would recommend you spam it a few times, as it can take a couple clicks occasionally. Before you close out the window, I would make sure that within the folder with the transform.json, there is also a base.msgpack file. That file is the saved version, NOT the transform.json

How do I load a saved NeRF?

Once you have launched the GUI, from the same Snapshot tab, where you saved the base.msgpack, you can hit load and it will load it. As a note, you will need to recheck any other adjustments you made such as training method, near distance, or batch size.