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Postshot is a German radiance field company, offering an intuitive and robust platform for both Neural Radiance Fields and 3D Gaussian Splatting.





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Postshot, a pioneering German radiance field company, has been making waves since its Beta launch on December 20th, 2023. For those unfamiliar, radiance field technology is at the forefront of creating hyper-realistic 3D environments, and Postshot has quickly emerged as a leading platform. Its approach ensures that all data is processed locally, providing data security by ensuring it never leaves your computer.

Exclusively available for Windows users, Postshot simplifies access with a one-click download system. It ingeniously bypasses the command line interface, offering an intuitive selection of settings for user-friendly interaction with digital scenes. It is easily the most approachable for non technical users of all the locally training radiance field platforms. Although currently limited to Windows, potential expansion to other operating systems could broaden its accessibility in the future.

They have proprietary implementations of both NeRFs and 3D Gaussian Splatting and currently allow for commercial usage. The platform accommodates commercial usage, catering to a range of projects with different NeRF training levels based on GPU capacity:

  • S Mode: Ideal for basic, toy-like testing.

  • M Mode: A significant upgrade, allowing for the capture of real scenes with minimal memory requirements.

  • L Mode: The recommended default for producing high-quality images.

  • XL and XXL Modes: Designed for achieving fine detail in the center of scenes or managing large-scale scenes.

Postshot also allows users to watch their radiance fields form as they train, giving users the ability to gauge fidelity early. Additionally, watching radiance fields converge has proven mesmerizing.

Postshot has been used in several media campaigns, including Usher’s most recent music video for “Ruin”. This showcases Postshot’s practical application in professional editing, where its .psht files can be seamlessly exported directly into After Effects, streamlining the post-production process.

Postshot is available to download from Jawset.com and is currently only available on Windows. For any feedback, please send your questions and feedback via Discord or email to support@jawset.com.